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SATFAC courses

The SATFAC courses were developed by UHSM in collaboration with the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.  They teach people who meet the person specification how to be a SAGE & THYME facilitator.

There are two SATFAC courses available: SATFAC2 (2 days) and SATFAC3 (3 days).  Both courses cover:

  • The theoretical and research background to the SAGE and THYME model (including exploring the risks to participants of the 3 hour SAGE and THYME workshop).
  • The principles and processes that govern the delivery of each session.
  • Risk management approach to teaching SAGE and THYME.
  • A chance to discuss concerns/questions about delivery of the course.
  • Rehearsal time.

The only difference between SATFAC2 and SATFAC3 is that day 3 on the latter course allows more time for the participants to rehearse, reflect and consolidate their learning.

We have now included a section in the booking form for you to complete where you need to demonstrate how you meet the person specification by addressing each of the person spec categories. 

A member of the SAGE & THYME team will review each booking form received and decide whether or not each candidate is suitable or not to attend the training.  This will be fed back to you and the key contact for your area.

The training is delivered by UHSM in collaboration with trainers from other organisations including: the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit (from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust), other NHS Trusts and self-employed trainers.

Twelve learners can attend SATFAC2 or SATFAC3 and UHSM reserves the right to cancel courses if not all places are filled.  They run from 9am until 5pm each day (unless times agreed otherwise).

Most of the SATFAC course involves rehearsing the SAGE & THYME demonstration as teachers of SAGE & THYME.  Therefore, SATFAC delegates are all involved as teachers of SAGE & THYME three times over the 2 or 3 day course.  They get verbal and written feedback on their skills as teachers, including the areas on which they can improve.

The SATFAC trainers develop, during the SATFAC course, an opinion of the potential of each delegate to become a SAGE & THYME facilitator.  Most delegates pick it up and are clearly able to be strong teachers of SAGE & THYME to the required standard.  Others need more practice and can ‘buddy’ with the stronger trainers.

Occasionally, a SATFAC delegate will be unlikely to be able to teach SAGE & THYME without a great deal of help and guidance.  It is best for such people not to attend SATFAC because the experience could undermine their confidence. Our Person Specification is a guide to who is suited to this training.

SATFAC trainers teach, encourage and test out the delegates.  Each delegate gets a personal debrief with a trainer at the end of the SATFAC course.

Thus, attendance on a SATFAC course does not guarantee that a person can become an authorised SAGE & THYME facilitator at the end of their training.  SATFAC trainers may decide that  that they are not ready to run the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop.

You can find out more about becoming a SAGE AND THYME facilitator here.

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