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“This course should be part of mandatory training!  I have worked for my NHS organisation for 37 years and never been taught how to listen to patients until today.”

The SAGE & THYME® foundation level workshop (S&T FL) teaches clinical and non-clinical staff at all levels, evidence-based communication skills to provide person-centred support to someone with emotional concerns.

‘SAGE & THYME’ is a mnemonic that provides a memorable structure for conversations: Setting – Ask – Gather – Empathy – Talk – Help - You – Me – End.

The SAGE & THYME model is suitable for talking to anyone: patients and carers, students, colleagues and children – inside and outside of health and social care.

There are over 10 publications on SAGE & THYME – click here to see the papers, reports, independent evaluations and textbooks in which SAGE & THYME features.

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The SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop is taught to 30 participants in 3 hours using three trained SAGE & THYME facilitators.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) in collaboration with TRUSTECH, teaches (via the SATFAC course) and licences other organisations (e.g. NHS Trusts, hospices, universities, charities) to deliver SAGE & THYME foundation level workshops to their staff, students and volunteers.

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The SAGE & THYME for advance care planning workshop (S&T ACP) was developed with the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network.  This 3.5 hour workshop teaches effective communication skills to open an advance care planning conversation.  The SAGE & THYME model provides a consultation guide as concerns are disclosed.  The workshop is suitable for GPs, community matrons and other staff who have experience of advance care planning.  

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Effective teaching "Communication skills DO matter and this course emphasises how vital the focus on emotions can improve patient care. A great mix of lecture based and group work to consolidate learning, with use of rehearsals in a supportive and safe environment. The SAGE THYME mnemonic can aid in giving a structure to what can be an intense and difficult discussion to address someones concerns."
Sarah Hamlyn, GP, University of Nottingham Health Service

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Princess Alice Hospice case study – first aid for distressed people

5 December 2017

Princess Alice Hospice is one of the largest in the UK, with around 500 staff and 1,200 volunteers (including retail team and drivers involved in fund raising).  It has been rated ‘outstanding’ in all 5 domains of its last Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection.

SAGE & THYME was adopted by the hospice because, whilst advanced communication skills training existed for senior medical staff; there was nothing available for junior clinical staff and also non-clinical staff and volunteers who also come into contact with distressed (and sometimes bereaved) people.

Jane Berg, Deputy Director - Skills Knowledge and Research and SAGE & THYME facilitator says: “To use an analogy, teaching SAGE & THYME is like teaching first aid for people who are upset.”

For more information on the reasons for adopting the training, the benefits realised and tips on running the training, read the Princess Alice Hospice case study.

A poster on the case study is being exhibited at the National Association for Palliative Care Educators (NAPCE) conference today.

First aid box (smaller image)