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Introduction to SAGE & THYME Online


SAGE & THYME Online was developed in 2020 to address the challenges with delivering face to face training during the pandemic.


What are the key features?


  • Equivalent to the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop (delivered face to face).
  • Teaches the communication skills required to: notice distress, hear the concerns that a person may have, and respond helpfully to them.
  • Interactive training including small group work in breakout rooms, a presentation, and films demonstrating the SAGE & THYME structure.
  • Taught to up to 20 participants in 2h 45min using 2 or 3 facilitators.
  • Suitable for all levels of health, social care and other staff (who have clinical or non-clinical roles) students, volunteers and others.


How is the workshop delivered?


We deliver the workshop using Zoom - this is currently more suitable for online teaching than MS Teams (used by many NHS organisations for online meetings).


How are people trained to become SAGE & THYME Online Facilitators?


People wishing to become S&T Online facilitators need to meet the person specification and attend the following:

  1. S&T Online workshop on the morning of day 1
  2. Online SATFAC (OLS) course on the afternoon of day 1 and the whole of day 2 (so 1.5 days in total)
  3. Online assessment session lasting about 3 hours roughly 1-2 weeks after the OLS (to give them time to practice in advance) – pass/fail outcome as with the SATFAC course


Can S&T Online Facilitators teach the face-to-face S&T Foundation Level workshop?


If your colleagues are qualified to run the face-to-face SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop, then you will also be able to assist them in running this as follows, once they have taught you how to run the rehearsal and you have practiced this with them:

  • Running the small group work
  • Being the healthcare professional in a rehearsal

Note that you are not qualified to be the lead or the patient in a rehearsal.

If your organisation has no trained SAGE & THYME Foundation Level facilitators, then you will need to organise for some to be trained up before you can run the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop, but you would not need a new licence to run the face-to-face training.


How do I find out more?


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Comparison of face to face and online training – please download the document from the right hand side of this page


Note that not all of our web pages and documents mention SAGE & THYME Online and the Online SATFAC and assessment - we will update these over time.


Comparison of face to face and online training